The JB Collection

ZINC 96 - 5-30am - 20-November-2021



This photo is proof I was at Zinc 96 radio station on Saturday morning  20-November-2021.

From 5-20am to about 9am.


She hasn't talked to me in twenty-three years!

She said, she would marry me for the rest of my life.

It's about love.

Where is the love?




--- There's been FOUR Jo-Beth Taylors work at that radio station.

--- The station is a con from Jon Coghill. He is violent.


--- Present for my girlfriend Jo.


--- The truth is my Jo, never worked there once.




Nice to know that Nugget and Nelly (Married) and Jo-Beth Taylor and Allan (Married) now reside overseas.

Or, is reside, the proper word. I know your future. Reside, is not the proper word. You exist overseas. Like the lead in Silverchair. Who they dumped in to L.A. And was found dead in the gutter.

Twenty love songs albums but never paid. And nothing, ever, happens?

I know what's going to happen to you babe. I know. There's your future. Look at it. You're dead from your own hand. Drugs.

Competition. What competition? The idiots all kill themselves.


--- What a fool believes.


There's your future again. Have a good look at it.


--- Where is the love?