The JB Collection

Viagra 2008

1. E-lec-tric-it-y                               iTunes

2. Hots  

3. Rosalinda

4. Viagra

5. Beyond The Need

6. My Baby Rocks Me

7. Song About You and Me

8. You Are The Reason

9. Ceiling Is High

10. I Love You

11. Overkill*

12. Rosalinda (Steve's Version)*


Viagra 2012   

1. Monkey*

2. E-lec-tric-it-y                * From Extra Tracks - Single

3. Hots                       

4. Rosalinda

5. Viagra                              Viagra is now the biggest selling medicine in the world.

6. Beyond The Need

7. My Baby Rocks Me

8. Song About You and Me

9. You Are The Reason

10. Ceiling Is High

11. I Love You

12. Overkill*



1. E-lec-tric-it-y

2. Hots                                    

3. Rosalinda                           

4. Viagra                                 

5. Beyond The Need                               

6. My Baby Rocks Me

7. Song About You and Me            Television can make bad ideas popular.

8. You Are The Reason

9. Ceiling Is High                    

10. I Love You

11. Overkill

12. Rosalinda (Steve's Version)


                                   Their Secret Radio Stations                                                                                                                                                               


A radio station that called me a pedophile for twenty-three years. And then with that money said to everyone that they stole my wife with drugs is finished.

My girlfriend Jo, didn’t even work at Zinc 96 radio station. They lied. (3 years proof.)



Daryl Somers


Rock Love Songs                                                       

1. I Am Blue

2. Second Coming  

3. Beyond The Need

4. Viagra

5. My Baby Rocks Me

6. New York Only Talk

7. Hots

8. Genie In Blue Jeans

9. E-lec-tric-it-y

10. I Love You


All songs taken from Viagra, Monkey and Mouse albums.

2021: I've got 18 albums completed now. With best of and greatest, that's 20 love songs albums.  


I wrote 20 original love songs albums. I spent $250,000.

My total pay in twenty-three years is $87.



           Next album: Democracy. Shall it be heard?




This one's called Democracy. Shall it be heard?


Lots of slaves kill their masters. It's normal. You're dead.