The JB Collection

1. Honest Sweat                                                                     

2. You Are The Reason    

3. My Girl

4. Boomerang

5. Rosalinda  

6. Two At Night  

7. Miss Simplicity

8. Roses Need Rain                                                Relax Robot

9. I'm So Blue 

10. Hard To Get Easy                                             I still love Jo-Beth Taylor

11. Viagra 

12. Beyond The Need

13. Hots

14. My Baby Rocks Me

15. E-lec-tric-it-y

16. Song About You And Me

17. Rosalinda (Steve's Version)

18. I Love You

19. The Ceiling Is High

20. Think Again         



Note: The original track 20 as All Woman Are Crazy was never intended as an insult, Jo. I renamed the same song 'Think Again'. Have a nice day, Surfie Chick.