The JB Collection

Marijuana album. Marijuana is legal in California. As well as some other countries. It is made in factories. And sold in shops. It is quite legal. --- I don't want you to promote drugs. When you speak about the Marijuana album. Don't promote drugs. But marijuana is legal. It is legal in California. Marijuana is sold in shops. There's nothing wrong with this album. It's fine.

1. E-lec-tric-it-y

2. Hots                                     

3. Rosalinda                           

4. Viagra

5. Beyond The Need                 ---

6. My Baby Rocks Me

7. Song About You and Me           

8. You Are The Reason

9. Ceiling Is High

10. I Love You

11. Think Again**

12. Rosalinda (2)**


** 'Crazy' is 'Think Again' from Extra Tracks Single.