The JB Collection

Marijuana album. Marijuana is legal in most of United States now. Marijuana is legal in California for over ten years.

1. E-lec-tric-it-y

2. Hots                                     

3. Rosalinda                           

4. Viagra

5. Beyond The Need                 ---

6. My Baby Rocks Me

7. Song About You and Me           

8. You Are The Reason

9. Ceiling Is High

10. I Love You

11. Think Again**

12. Rosalinda (2)**


** 'Crazy' is 'Think Again' from Extra Tracks Single. -------------------- If the media, were to talk about this album. That wouldn't work for them. Because of the anti-drug links on this website. They sell drugs. I stop drugs. ---- By the way, it's a love songs album.