The JB Collection

Marijuana album. Marijuana is completely legal in twenty-one states of the United States of America. Marijuana is completely legal in California for nearly ten years.



1. Rosalinda (2)

2. New York Only Talk                                   

3. Rocks Me                          

4. You Are The Reason

5. I Am Blue                ---

6. Winter Days Are Gone

7. Certain Smile          

8. Song About You & Me

9. Tania

10. Try Again**

11. Ceiling Is High

12. E-lec-tric-it-y

13. Hello

14. Two At Night                                   

15. Beyond The Need                          

16. Hots

17. Neon In The Rain               ---

18. Cowboy Ballet

19. Rosalinda          

20. Penny


** Marijuana album has the same tracks as the Robot album in another order. One change only. Try Again song replaces Viagra song. Try Again song is track 8 from our Try Again album.

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