The JB Collection

Jazz is rock and roll without the drugs. Which is what most of you are looking for. As 97% of you DO NOT take drugs. Jazz has been popular since the 1920's.

1. Penny

2. Boomerang                                     

3. Two At Night                        

4. My Girl

5. Chelsea               --- Thousand Jazz Radio Stations

6. Love Gets Easier

7. Neon In The Rain  

8. Money Or Love

9. You Are The Reason

10. Rose From Me To You

11. Winter Days Are Gone

12. I Love You


** --------- I called this album jazz to support jazz radio. I like jazz radio. -- Jazz has been popular since the 1920's. -- This album is not a jazz album. It is a rock and roll love songs album. -- The JB Collection do not take hard drugs. We never have. -- This is our 20th love songs album. (Not sure of track order yet.)