The JB Collection


I met an advanced drug addict. He told me he'd had tons of sex. But had never been happy. SEX AND DRUGS DON'T MAKE IT ALRIGHT. There's your proof. 2: Doctors will tell you there are many addicts who say the same. Proof number two. 3: Drugs tried to sell us rape. SEX AND DRUGS DONT MAKE IT ALRIGHT. Who wants to go to Haiti? No one wants to go to Haiti. Not even the bikies themselves want to go to Haiti. Drugs lose badly. 4: Sex and drugs dont make it alright. Not even for bikies does it make it alright. --- Sex is part of love. Love makes it OK. --- PS: I don't think you will ever be able to over rule EVERY LAW EVER WRITTEN, in order to prove that sex and drugs make it alright. Love is the basis of the law. Love is the proper answer. As Mr Lennon once said, LOVE IS THE ANSWER. --- PS2: Love is also the proper answer, when we ask, why isn't John paid, when he has written five hundred songs? ------------ Drugs and doctors, didn't know, I had five hundred songs on my computer? Truly?