The JB Collection

Attempted Murder

An attempt at murder was made on my life. In the last two weeks. I HAVE NOT EATEN IN SIX DAYS. ---- It's the Commonwealth Bank's fault. ---- Someone at the bank stopped my credit card. I couldn't use my car because of registration not paid. ---- I needed to pay my registration to use my car. The bank stopped my credit card. So, I couldn't pay. ---- Also, the bank said I had to go to the local branch to verify my identity. But I could not get to the local branch without my car registration being paid. They knew that. ---- Also, I COULD NOT BUY FOOD WITHOUT A CREDIT CARD. ---- In my opinion, the bank tried to murder me by STARVATION. ---- I had bread and water for three days. And also weetbix for another three days. ---- I repeat: Someone tried to kill me. ----------- The Commonwealth Bank wouldn't lend me money so I could sell my house. ---------- The Commonwealth Bank wouldn't lend me $1,800, to release my Viagra album, in 1999. ---------- I wrote TWENTY LOVE SONGS ALBUMS.