The JB Collection 

2 Cents

I am having great difficulty getting Centrelink. They have been stalling over two cents a month. I need to eat. And I have no money for ANYTHING. Including electricity and phone and Internet. -------- Currently they are saying that I need to see a psychiatrist at the HOSPITAL first. Why do you need a psychiatrist to get Centrelink? -------- I need to eat Centrelink. Doesn't that matter? -------- I wrote an email to the TAXMAN last week Centrelink. The taxman is federal. And he is in charge Centrelink. CAN I HAVE SOME FOOD TAXMAN? --------- I wrote twenty love songs albums. Can I please have some food? -------- I have asked Police and Politicians also. -------- CAN I HAVE SOME FOOD PLEASE TAXMAN? -------- I said today to Centrelink that they could take any money I earn off my Centrelink payments. They refused to agree to that. Why Centrelink? -------- I will die without food CENTRELINK.------------------------- I am not going anywhere near a government psychiatrist. I have been raped three times. Twice by government psychiatrists. -------- Did you know in hospital here the doctors are in charge of the law. Not the Police.--------- My brother said a few days ago that I have never worked. I reminded him that I got him and his sister and me a house each. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right at the moment they are trying to get me to take a pension. In my opinion, so that Annastacia can get re elected. ------------- I haven't seen a psychiatrist in twenty years. And I have written twenty love songs albums. ----------- ALSO, I HAVEN'T BEEN PAID IN THIRTY EIGHT YEARS. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How can you take a wife if you are never paid. Tell me Annastacia. ------------------- --------------- If I get murdered. It's Annastacia that did it. -------- HELLO DOCTORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ------------- PS: Love makes it OK. REAL LOVE. ---------- Sex makes it alright. But not without LOVE. --------- You don't know LOVE, Annastacia Palaszczuk. ------- I HAVE WRITTEN FIVE HUNDRED SONGS. ------- The doctor is a Billionaire. He pays the Premier so he can murder. To relax. He rapes then murders. --------- The same doctor in 1999. Dr Ian Leivesley. ------- Would you be comfortable with a doctor? ------- I haven't seen a psychiatrist for twenty years. -------- I have been RAPED three times. Twice by government psychiatrists. -------- I lifted weights for eight years for strength. 130 kg one day for six hours. ------ Leave me alone doctor please. -------- I WANT CENTRELINK. ------ I DONT WANT YOUR PENSION BUDDY. I WANT CENTRELINK. ------ LEAVE ME ALONE DOCTOR. ------- The doctor wants to starve me to death. He murders. ------ Leave me alone drugs too. I have never taken drugs. I don't want your drugs. Leave me alone. --------- Next release by The JB Collection will be Not Towards Haiti. A single release containing the song Abbey Rode. (Already finnished.) Shortly after we will release an album called REAL LOVE. (Retitled Blue Jeans.) ----- Have a good day. Don't take drugs. ------------------------------------ May 24th 2022: Great news this morning. Centrelink sent me a text saying ... Your claim has been submitted successfully. ------- After six months trying I actually submitted my claim. -------------------------------------- Did they tell you I got $200 a week since 1981. Centrelink is twice as much! ------ I tried to leave the state twice. Doctor wouldn't let me. ------- I still haven't been paid for my job for thirty-eight years. I wrote TWENTY LOVE SONGS ALBUMS. ------------- Thanks maybe to Steve Austin. A talk back DJ from 612 ABC Brisbane. Who has helped me twice And maybe the Australian Taxman. ------- Want to go to McDonald's, Vanessa? --------- As if she wouldn't be married with ten kids. ------- Jo-Beth Taylor from Zinc FM conned me. She said she was Vanessa. I couldn't tell after twenty years. --------- Jo's drugs. ------ I haven't seen Vanessa in twenty-three years. ------ I think drugs killed her in 1999. Then called me a pedophile because I couldn't relax. ------- The photo of Vanessa on the web isn't real. It's morphed. ------ That's what drugs and doctors are really like. --------- $400 a week. And I wrote TWENTY LOVE SONGS ALBUMS. -------- My Dad was a boss over fifty guys. He may have been murdered. Drugs and doctors. I wrote in grade nine. I am sixty four now. ------- Have a good day. ------------------------------------ Wednesday 25th May ---- MY BROTHER made a deal with the doctors at the hospital today concerning my mental health. FORGET IT DOCTORS. I don't want a three month payment from Centrelink. And I had nothing to do with that. You never even talked to me doctors. My brother is very tired doctors. Please leave him alone doctors. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Police are in charge. Not the doctor. Or Drugs. Or my brother. ----------‐------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------- TO VANESSA: I SHOULD GET A PENSION IN A COUPLE OF DAYS. NO ELECTRICITY SOON. NO PHONE OR INTERNET FROM TONIGHT. - 31-MAY-2022. I WROTE TWENTY LOVE SONGS ALBUMS. AND I DONT EVEN GET A HEATER IN WINTER. ----- Some people don't know how to love. ----- Politicians on drugs? ------ Love OR drugs. ------ Only 2% of people in the world smoke marijuana now. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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